Simply idea to use the puzzle lamp to decorate your place :)


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1. Simply put the puzzle light on the floor in the living room. (Not recommend for the family who has the small children)


2. The second best spot to place the puzzle lamps is in the bedrooms. There are times at night when one needs to use the bathroom. It is recommended you set it near the bed so that it can be found quickly and easily without having to stumble.

IQ-Pendant-Jigsaw-Light-Ceiling-Lamp-charabeb033. Not only simply place the light on the floor or hang it on the ceiling but you can also apply the puzzle lamp to be the desk lamp.


Puzzle Lamps/IQ Lights/Jigsaw Lamps are now available

Puzzle Lamps/IQ Lights/Jigsaw Lamps

There are many name calling this kind of Light. Anyway if you are someone that thinks of unique lamps and special event. You come the right place, with  many color coordination sand placement they can look very stylish and add a slick element to your party. The advantage of these puzzle lamps are that they add instant color and are reasonably cheap to arrange.

Modern Style Puzzle Lamps/IQ Lights/Jigsaw Lamps

Frangipani Style Puzzle Lamps/IQ Lights/Jigsaw Lamps

Jasmine Style Puzzle Lamps/IQ Lights/Jigsaw Lamps

Lotus Style Puzzle Lamps/IQ Lights/Jigsaw Lamps

Product Description
- Material : Polyester, 1 pack contain 30 pcs
- Style : Modern/Jasmine/Frangipani/Lotus
- Lights Circumference : available for 8, 12 and 15 inch
- Color : Pink, Red, Blue, White,Yellow, Violet, Green
- No bulbs in the package
- Puzzle Lamp assembly instructions is included

For more detail, please find the the products above menu


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